Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions!

If the answer to your question is not found below, please reach out to us via the contact form in the 'Contact Us' page.


Adding a Message to your order

Prior to checking out, if you would like to add a message to your order, please add it to the notes once you have added it to your cart. 

Please keep it short and sweet! Any message you add will be handwritten on a custom card that's sent with every delivered order.

Where do you ship?

We ship same-day within Wellington Central, Lower/Upper Hutt and Makara. We can also ship same day to the Kapiti Coast on Tuesday's and Thursday's ONLY.

We unfortunately do not ship fresh flowers outside of Wellington, however please see our list of recommended florists around the country below. 

Please ensure you select the correct shipping method at checkout as your order may be refunded if you haven't, or you will be asked to pay the difference.

What time do I need to place my order by?

Orders received before 10am will receive same day delivery. Orders made after 10am will be sent next day.

If you place your order after 10am and still need your flowers sent same day we can do an express delivery but fees will apply (this ranges from $25-$35).

Please note that due to notorious traffic delays in our city we cannot guarantee specific times of delivery for any orders. 

What happens if nobody is home?

If there is a safe place for us to leave the bouquet/delivery, our couriers have an 'authority to leave' the delivery at the property.

Our bouquets are shipped in either a bio-wet wrap or water cup to preserve them being out of a vase for as long as possible. If the flowers have been sitting at your doorstep for a long period of time, we strongly recommend recutting the stems before putting them in water.

If there is no safe place or we are unable to access the property, you may be charged for double delivery if we have to redeliver. 

Recommended Florists (Nationwide)

Requesting specific flowers

If you do want to request a specific flower to be added to a bouquet, please know that due to the pandemic we are seeing large issues with supply, especially with import product.

We will try our hardest but know that requests may not always be able to be met. 

Can I call the team about my order?

You can! Feel free to give us a call on 021 026 55101*, but do keep in mind we're a very small team are busy working away on gorgeous blooms for our clients.

Emailing us at hello@twigandarrow.com with your order number in the subject line is the best way for us to handle your issue if you can't get ahold of us via phone.

*Available within operating hours.

Can I get a refund/exchange on my workshop ticket?

We do not offer refunds, store credits or class swaps for workshops in the event you are unable to attend.

Our workshops are highly coveted and sell out very quickly. For this reason we ask that you try to sell your workshop ticket or gift it on to a friend, family member, work colleague etc.

If you are unable to do this, get in touch and we may be able to assist, however this is not always the case. 

Caring for your flowers

  • Remove flowers/bouquet from the paper or packaging. 
  • Always use a freshly cleaned vase.

  • Recut the stems. About 1-2 cm off of the end is ideal.
  • Place flowers in a cool place, away from heat pumps, heaters and direct sunlight
  • Maintain water levels and change the water completely every two days.
  • We do not use flower food or think it is a necessary product to use with flowers, clean water is all they need. 

Why 'Botanical Styling' and not 'Florist'?

Simply put, our business is just as much about using beautiful plants and foliage as it is about florals. With great importance placed on all things natural.  
Twig & Arrow is proud to be one of first and few 100% floral foam free floral designers in New Zealand and we take great strides to use only the most natural and recycled products possible.