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Imperial Green Philodendron 14cm

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Imperial Green Philodendron 14cm


The Imperial Green Philodendron grows into a gorgeous large leafed plant, that is shade tolerant. Perfect for the areas of your home that aren’t so sunny. The Imperial Green has large green glossy leaves which allow it to help cleanse the home of air impurities. Like most indoor house plants it prefers a warmer environment, but is more adaptive to different light levels (tolerant to shade). As this plant matures it's primary stem will become exposed as the smaller base leaves fall off and the size of its mature leaves increase.

  • Moderate to fast grower. Will reach between 90-120cm in height. 
  • Bright, indirect light. Can tolerate some shade.
  • Keep soil moist. Allow the top layer of the soil to dry before watering. 
  • Use a peat/bark based soil.
  • Fertilise every 2-4 months.

 * Photo sourced from online to show size (14cm)