String of Fish Hooks (Senecio Radicans)

by Twig & Arrow


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The String of Fish Hooks (Senecio radicans), which is closely related to the String of Banana's, is a member of the succulent family. This plant is a fast grower and is a perfect addition for a shelf or corner, where a trailing plant could add a point of interest to a room. 

Basic care instructions:

  • Habitat: This plant is a faster grower in warmer weather. To create a bushier plant; simply cut at desired point, where two shoots will eventually grow. 

  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect light.

  • Water: Watering once a month is plenty. Wait until soil is fully dry before watering.

  • Soil: Use a fast draining potting mix.

  • Fertiliser: Top dress the soil in spring to encourage growth, no need to feed in its dormant seasons.

String of Fish Hooks liner pot is 14cm.

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